Nina Čelhar’s works focus on architecture as the basic human living environment that determines, in its capacity of artificially constructed space, human existence. The fruit of human creativity and productivity, architecture is subject to humans; at the same time it conversely dictates our everyday lives and movements, in a way controlling and directing our very existence. Čelhar’s painterly representations of architecture – both exteriors of contemporary functionalist buildings and minimalist interiors – come across as elaborately refined, abstract, and semantically uncritical images. The artist takes the stand of an observer, scrutinizing spaces in all their details, noting the absence of people, although everything testifies to their presence. Čelhar creates works using the subtle and fragile technique of painting on translucent ungrounded canvas, which indicates also the deliberate testing of the medium and its expressive possibilities and limitations.

Dr. Martina Vovk, curator at Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

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